Shree Ambabai Talim Sanstha's Diploma in Pharmacy College, Miraj

IT & Us

Today’s era is IT era. At our college we never follow foot prints rather we create them. As a leading Pharmacy College in the region we always take advantage of technologies and IT solutions to create excellence among the students. In this view we have following IT solutions implemented so far.

E – Library

As the world becoming fast. The handy Medias like laptops, mobiles and Tablets are becoming need of time. We are always ready to compete with the fast moving world and wish to stay ahead of it. In this view we have developed E-Library for our college students. This online app allows the students to download presentations, see the videos and download the e – books available with us. This enables our students to revise the things taught at classrooms and laboratories.

Inventory Management Application

This fantastic application is effective one to manage entire inventory in our college. From pin to pens and from computers to chemicals. We have all the control over inventory.

Smart School MIS

We are equipped with Smart School MIS system for our college. It includes detailed information regarding the students, faculty, Teacher Guardian system, alumni Information, Syllabus Coverage, Learning Material distribution, Attendance Management, Feedback, E-Notice & Online exam portal.

It supports the development of students for technical ability and easy mode for day to day working.